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Ultimate Clean-Up: How to Remove A News Article From Google?

Google can pop up any of your old news articles which seems to be a stain on your online reputation. You work hard to keep your online reputation up, but old articles on Google make all your efforts pointless. But how exactly did you accomplish this? You might look for ways to get rid of it and reach this blog post. 

In this article, I’ll show you how to follow Google’s rules and remove a news article from Google’s search engine

How Do I Remove News Articles From Google?

Before going to the removal process, let’s understand what It’s like to be a big internet detective, finding and showing content from all over the web. Google doesn’t actually ‘own’ the content it shows, so we need to go to the source to remove it. As Google shows up any of your old news blogs you can remove them by following the steps illustrated below:

Method for removing news article from google

  • Contact With The Source

You might be wondering what’s the source. – this is the place where your news articles were first published. So our first step is to ask them to remove your article from Google by sending them an email or message. But remember, they don’t always have to agree unless the article is telling lies about you.

  • Getting The Law Involved

If you think that the article is spreading false information about you, it might be time to get some legal advice. Depending on where you live, the law might be able to help you get the article taken down. As it ruins your overall online and offline reputation. 

  • Google’s Right To Be Forgotten

In some places, like Europe, Google has a rule called the ‘Right to be Forgotten.’ This means you can ask Google to remove certain search results that are old or not relevant anymore. It’s like asking Google to forget about that old article.

  • Pushing The Bad News Down 

If you can’t get the article removed, don’t worry! You can push it down the search results so people are less likely to see it. This is like adding more and more good news to the top of the pile, so the bad news gets hidden underneath. This is called Online Reputation Management (ORM).

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Why Do Negative News Articles Rank Highly In Google Search Results?

The Google search algorithm is a complex system that is designed to return results that are both relevant and popular. Because of their popularity and viewers, negative news stories tend to appear high in search engine results. Users are more likely to read and engage with negative news because it evokes a powerful emotional response. Consequently, Google will prioritize these articles in the search results because of the high levels of user interest and engagement they have received. This is frequently referred to as “negativity bias,” a psychological condition where people tend to focus more on unfavorable information or events. 

How To Measure The Impact Of Negative News Stories On Your Business?

It requires a careful blending of data-driven insights and human observation to evaluate the impact of bad news stories on your company; it’s not as simple as checking off a checklist. If you want to assess how negative news stories are affecting your business, there are several factors to take into account.

  • Firstly, you can gather customer feedback by monitoring online and offline comments. 
  • Secondly, you can analyze sales and revenue trends before and after the news story. 
  • Thirdly, you can use tools like Google Analytics to track changes in website traffic. 
  • Fourthly, you can gauge online sentiment about your brand. 
  • Fifthly, you can consider internal factors such as employee morale and turnover. 
  • Finally, you can look at trends in customer retention and acquisition. In case you notice any of these indicators pointing towards a negative impact, it might be a good idea to consider seeking the help of a reputation management professional. 

Is there any investment needed to remove news articles from Google?

The cost of removing a news article from Google may vary depending on several factors. In certain cases, the website owner may opt to eliminate the article free of charge. However, it is important to note that legal expenses may be incurred in the event of any conflicts. In areas where the ‘Right to be Forgotten’ regulation is in effect, individuals have the option to ask Google for the removal of certain search outcomes without paying any expenses. 

However, achieving a favorable outcome is not always guaranteed. When it comes to managing your online reputation, enlisting the services of a reputable Online Reputation Management (ORM) agency can be a wise investment. The cost of such services, however, will vary depending on the severity of the negative content and the reputation of the agency you choose to work with. The cost of your chosen approach can vary significantly, ranging from minimal to substantial.


Removing a news article from Google is a strategic process that may require a financial investment. It requires understanding Google’s operations, interacting with the source website, and possibly hiring an attorney or online reputation management agency. The right approach can make this process easy. Above all, remember that you control your online narrative. You can manage your digital reputation and make Google reflect your truth with dedication, caution, and time.

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