How to Remove a Review From Airbnb

How to Remove a Review From Airbnb: 5 Easy-to-follow Steps

Airbnb is an American company operating in an online marketplace for short and long-term booking accommodations. However, it relies heavily on user or guest reviews to maintain its reputation. 

If you have recently stayed at Airbnb and encountered a negative experience and left a bad review then you’re wondering how to remove a review from Airbnb. Can Airbnb remove a review by itself? Whatever the issue is with accommodation, host, or something, it becomes necessary to delete that review. 

So if you need to delete your review, here’s what you need to know.

Can I Remove a Review on Airbnb?

Can I Remove a Review on Airbnb

Although you can remove a review from Airbnb there are specific criteria or conditions that must be met for this to happen. For instance, you can remove a review you published if it no longer reflects your genuine experience as a guest or Host.

You can’t remove a review that is not written or published by you or is in a pending state. Airbnb can only remove a review by itself if the review violates its Airbnb review policy or community guidelines. 

What are the Reasons to Remove a Review From Airbnb?

What are the Reasons to Remove a Review From Airbnb

Although, Airbnb values transparency and positive customer reviews from both guests and hosts there are some reasons why there’s a need to remove a review from the site. These are:

  • Hate Speech: Airbnb will not permit reviews that use insulting or degrading language about someone’s race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or other personal characteristics.
  • Discriminatory Language: This refers to any remarks that discriminate against a person because of their age, handicap status, nationality, or other protected characteristics.
  • Personal Attacks: Reviews that include personal attacks on an individual will be removed. This includes insults, threats, and other forms of harassment.
  • False Information: If a review includes false or misleading information regarding an Airbnb review for hosts or guests’ experience, it may be removed. This includes remarks that are exaggerated, fabricated, or purposefully misleading.
  • Violation of Airbnb Policies: Any reviews that violate Airbnb’s Terms of Service or Community Standards will also be removed. This can include attempts to manipulate reviews or violate the privacy of other users.

How to Remove a Review From Airbnb?

How to Remove a Review From Airbnb

If you want to remove a review from Airbnb, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Report the Review

Start by reporting the review. You would need to go to the flag icon placed next to it and then click on it. This will open up a drop-down menu where you can see “Report this review”.

  • Choose Your Reason for Reporting

After selecting “Report this review”, you will be prompted to select a report rationale from some predetermined options. Depending on why you feel that the review should be struck off, pick the most fitting reason.

  • Give More Information

Depending on the reason chosen, one may sometimes have to explain further or provide supplementary evidence relevant to your complaint so that the Airbnb team can look at it closely and make an informed decision. Some of these may include screenshots and emails among others.

  • Submit Your Request

When all vital details inclusive proof have been provided, click on ‘Submit’ in order for your report to be forwarded officially for reviewing by the Airbnb team.

  • Wait for Feedback

It might take some time before Airbnb’s team reviews your report and gives their judgment about it. They will send you an email once they have attended to your request and acted upon the matter talked about in that particular overview.

Is There a Way to Edit Airbnb Review?

Is There a Way to Edit Airbnb Review

Yes, It is possible to edit the review on Airbnb after 48 hours. You can just go to the “Reviews” section of your account and find the review you would like to edit. At this point, press a button with three periods appearing next to the comment and choose “Edit”. After correcting any mistakes, click on the save button. 

Nevertheless, it should be remembered that when a 48-hour timeframe passes, one cannot alter what he or she has said.

Other Options for Dealing With Negative Reviews on Airbnb

Other Options for Dealing With Negative Reviews on Airbnb

  • In case you do not get any feedback within a reasonable time frame, contact Airbnb support for help to delete the review. 
  • Make a public reply regarding the review on your profile wherein you deal with any concerns or misunderstandings and offer a solution.
  • Reach out to the guest directly over the matter and negotiate for an amicable settlement as it may make this guest remove his/her comment voluntarily.
  • Seek Airbnb reviews for guests’ compensation by using the “Resolution Center” in case of problems or damages. This can also be used to address any concerns mentioned in the review.
  • Improve your listing, communicate with guests better, or deal with underlying issues, so that there will be no similar negative experiences in the future.

How Airbnb Can Boost Its Positive Reputation?

How Airbnb Can Boost Its Positive Reputation

In order to improve on its positive image, Airbnb ought to consider concentrating on transparency, and prompt issue resolution for hosts and guests’ communication enhancement. The execution of a strong feedback mechanism where genuine reviews are encouraged and issues addressed quickly through the “Resolution Center helps” create confidence among users. 

Moreover, investing in host education programs aimed at improving listing quality coupled with fostering community and support can raise the bar for the hosting experience. Therefore, Airbnb must always aspire to offer outstanding service or they can hire professional reputation repair services from a reputed website to reclaim their image. 


To remove a negative reputation and build a positive one, Airbnb should focus on the weak factors it has. This will help to reclaim their lost image amongst their customers either hosts, guests, or users whoever they are. 

Plus, removing a review from Airbnd is not a straightforward process, you must follow its specific guidelines. In this article, we mentioned the steps needed for removal. 

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