how to remove your information from truepeoplesearch

How Do I Remove My Information From Truepeoplesearch? – All you Need to Know

Did you know that there are multiple sites available who sell your information online without any cost. It means that anybody can access your information once they know your full name, address, or brand name. Truepeoplesearch is also such a website, who have your information and sell it to scammers, criminals and anyone with ill intentions.

As you know, negative information has more spark than positive, that’s why removing your information is essential for securing and developing your Online Presence. So, How to Opt Out From TruePeopleSearch? Let’s find it out.

What Is A Truepeoplesearch?

TruePeopleSearch is a data broker website. It means that they fetch your information from several publicly available sources and align them into their database to publicly available it to users. 

On this site you can gain access to people’s personal information such as name, address, phone number, previous records, current living, marital status etc. In order to prevent any scamming, it’s always a good idea to regularly check these sites on Google. 

How Does Truepeoplesearch Get Your Info?

TruPeopleSearch gets your information from social media sites and also from your brand or business website. When you add or update your information on social media or others they quickly get your information. They make a record of current and previous data and store it in their database. Maybe, some information is fake but this information is available online which can hurt your brand reputation. So, you can take expert services or manually perform this check. 

How To Remove Information From Truepeoplesearch?

To remove information from Truepeoplesearch, Here are basic steps you need to consider. 

  • Go to the official website of 
  • Enter the specific person’s full name and click on the search button

enter name of person on truepeoplesearch

  • Now select the specific record and click on “view details”

view record on truepeoplesearch

  • A new tab will open with a record of that person, click on the “remove this record” button.

remove record from truepeoplesearch

  • If your opt-out request is successful, a confirmation message will appear on screen. 
  • Now check your gmail account and click on the removal link for further removal configuration. 

click on link on trupeoplesearch

It will take some time to remove your information from Google and other sites. 

Other Way To Remove Your Information From Truepeoplesearch

The above method to remove is manually performing or removing your data. If you can’t perform this check by yourself, you can also take the services of a reputable website. SaveRepute is an online reputation management agency. It helps clients to remove and handle their online reputation. You can also take the services of SaveRepute suppress Google Results to remove your record from TruePeopleSearch or any other databroker website.

Why Is It Important To Remove Your Information From True People?

It’s important to remove your information from true people search or other similar websites like fastpeoplesearch, spokeo, homefacts removal etc. By removing your information from search results you can protect your online identity and also save your record from passing through illegal hands.

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Is TruePeopleSearch legit?

Yes TruePeopleSearch is legitmate webstie. Due to the nature of its sitemany wonder whether it’s legal for them to operate this way. The reality is, their practices are legal. It takes its information from publicly available sources and aggregates it on their site.

Final Thoughts

Removing Your information from online sites is essential in order to save your business or brand reputation online. You can either delete your information manuallyor you can either hire professionals for this purpose. For further information or securing your online presence contact right now.

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