How to Sue a Police Department for Negligence

How to Sue a Police Department for Negligence: 8 Easy Steps

Negligence occurs when someone fails to take reasonable actions for a specific responsibility. It occurs in almost every profession. In a police station negligence can occur when officers and police departments themselves fail to fulfill their duties well, which leads to harm to individuals. 

In that case, it becomes necessary to sue the police department to seek justice and compensation. 

But don’t know how to sue them legally? In this blog post, we’ll cover how to sue a police department for negligence and what type of negligence occurs in police units. 

Plus, we’ll also cover how to sue them legally, and how professional reputation management companies can help to repair police department reputation positively. 

Can I Sue the Police Department for Negligence?

Can I Sue the Police Department for Negligence

Yes, you can sue the police department if their actions and inactions caused harm to you. To sue them you must show that the police department has to sue you but they breached it which caused damage to the results. 

This situation can vary like the police didn’t train their personnel well, failed to respond on time in sudden emergencies, or used excessive force from offices and others. 

Suing a police department is a complex process and everything is done legally. It requires substantial evidence and professional lawyers who sue police departments ethically. 

What Type of Negligence Can Occur From a Police Department?

What Type of Negligence Can Occur From a Police Department

  • Failure to Protect

This occurs when the police fail to respond or protect individuals when they have a legal duty from an explicit policy, law, or custom.

  • Excessive Use of Force

Officers employ more force than is necessary during the arrest and control of suspects hence leading to unnecessary injuries or even death. They include acts of police brutality.

  • Improper Hiring Practices

The department hires officers without doing extensive background checks thus placing unqualified or potentially dangerous persons in positions of authority.

  • Inadequate Training

Police officers are not taught adequately enough about the use of force, de-escalation techniques, and specific conduct during given situations leading to mistreatment and subsequent injury.

  • Negligent Supervision

Supervisors who fail to uphold their responsibility as written on paper by allowing misconduct, abuse of power, or negligence to go unnoticed.

  • Negligent investigation

Any form of bungled police investigation, evidence ignored by cops, or erroneous handling results in false accusations, convictions, and perpetuation of crime by acutely flawed villains.

  • False Arrest or Imprisonment

It involves people being detained unlawfully without probable cause or due process leading to illegal incarceration.

  • Emotional Distress

Emotional distress can be a cause of mental sickness in the long term. If a police department fails to protect you in a case then you might be thinking can I sue the police for emotional distress? The answer is yes, you can do it. 

When Do You Need to Sue the Police Department?

When Do You Need to Sue the Police Department

You may need to sue the police department when their negligence results in significant harm or injury to you. This includes situations where you suffer physical injury due to excessive use of force, emotional distress from harassment or intimidation, or wrongful detention without probable cause. 

Suing the police department can help seek justice, obtain compensation for damages, and prompt necessary reforms within the department to prevent future negligence.

How to Sue the Police Department for Negligence?

How to Sue the Police Department for Negligence

  • Seek Legal Advice

Find a lawyer who has dealt with cases on human rights and misconduct by law enforcement. They will assess it and give a legal opinion.

  • Collect Evidence

Assemble all relevant pieces of evidence which include police reports and medical records, witnesses’ accounts, and video recordings among other documents that can serve as proof of negligence.

  • Make a Complaint

Before proceeding to court, one may have to file complaints in either the police department or an oversight agency depending on the jurisdiction. This could sometimes lead to internal investigations or settlements thereof.

  • Notice of Claim

In most instances, there is a need to file a notice of claim within specific time limits (usually 60-90 days) in order to inform the police department and other relevant government agencies about your intention to sue them.

  • File Suit

Your attorney will go ahead to file a civil lawsuit if no resolution is reached through internal means. In this suit, the charges made are against negligence and demands for compensation.

  • Discovery Phase

This phase will involve both parties gathering their evidence as well as exchanging it. It includes depositions, interrogatories, and requests for documents.

  • Settlement or Trial

Many lawsuits are resolved without going to trial. If no agreement on settlement is reached then the matter proceeds to trial where each side presents its case before a judge or jury who pronounces verdicts.

How Long Do You Have to Sue a Police Department?

The time when you sue a police department is known as the “statute of limitations for suing a police department”. It can alter depending on jurisdiction and claim. Generally, the form for filing a statute of limitation lawsuit lasts from one to three years. 

Make sure to get in touch with your lawyer promptly to understand the specific deadlines and the requirements needed for it. So, your claim is filed within a specific timeframe. However, the cost of suing a police department varies from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. 

How Can Police Departments Get Assistant From Reputation Management Companies?

How Can Police Departments Get Assistant From Reputation Management Companies

Police departments can bring their case to reputation management companies to handle their reputation which is hurt while suing. Make sure to mention each and everything to them. So that they handle it accurately. 

You can search these organizations online or near your area to get quick access to them. They have the right skills and experience on how to repair the reputation of a specific business. They will use highly executable strategies to repair your image from online and offline sites.  


Suing a police department for negligence is not a straightforward way, it requires proper knowledge, and skills to perform every step legally. Make sure you hire a professional lawyer for your case without facing the issue of claiming. For a repairing reputation, make sure that you’re getting a quote from professional agencies so that you can get the trust and credibility of your potential customers again. 

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