How To Remove A Bad Review From A Facebook Business Page

How To Remove A Bad Review From A Facebook Business?

Facebook is one of the most visited social media platforms used by businesses to attract their potential customer. Now imagine if anyhow your Facebook business profile has been tarnished by one negative review.  One bad review means letting go of many customers which would have been your future prospect. 

Here is where businesses feel the urge to keep a check on how they manage fake reviews on Facebook which are affecting their online reputation. But do you know how to remove a bad review on Facebook? 

In this blog, we will learn how to remove reviews from the Facebook marketplace. In addition to this, we will also learn  “Can you delete the reviews on Facebook if it’s fake”. Let’s get started. 

Impact Of Negative Reviews On Business 

Reviews hold a lot more power than any business could imagine. It is more like customer feedback letting us know whether he is satisfied with the delivered product/service or not. It keeps an engaging relationship between the business and its customers, letting the businesses upgrade themselves wherever needed. 

Where one good review uplifts the business’s repute, one bad review on Facebook can on the other hand impact the business’s online repute badly. 

Here is how the negative review impacts the business: 

  • Loss of Trust and Credibility: Bad reviews on Facebook erode the customer’s trust that they have on the brand. Especially if the customer is coming to your landing page for the first time, it is the review that will create the first impression which is going to last for ages and if that’s negative he will be reluctant to buy things from your business. 
  • Effects on Annual Sales and Revenue: Social eras reviews work like a token that builds the initial base of trust for new customers. The customer perceives the reviews on Facebook as a rating that determines whether to invest or not. Negative reviews deter the customer from buying anything thereby affecting the annual sales or ROI. 
  • Damaged Online Reputation: Reviews are word-of-mouth and negative reviews mean the customer isn’t satisfied with your services which means your online reputation is damaged.  
  • Lower Customer Retention: Businesses invest ages and years in customer retention and any bad review on Facebook can put that all in vain.

How To Filter Reviews On Facebook? 

Not every bad review on your Facebook business profile page is authentic. Sometimes competitors buy negative reviews on Facebook just to tarnish your business reputation. 

But how could you filter reviews on Facebook from negative, fake, or bought? 

Well, some obvious signs show that this review is not real or is done to destroy an online image. If the reviews are generic, posted in a short time frame, or done by someone with little or no profile information, it means the reviews are either fake or bought by competitors. 

Can You Remove Bad Reviews From Facebook? 

Yes, you can remove bad reviews from Facebook if they violate Facebook’s community standards.  You can not add comments that have hate speech, fake content, or a fake review. If you encounter any bad reviews on Facebook you can report such reviews as spam. Facebook then reviews that review and removes if it is fake or spam within a few days. 

How To Remove A Bad Review From A Facebook Business Page

Here are the steps to remove fake negative reviews on Facebook business page: 

  1. Open your Facebook business page and click on the Review section. 
  2. Select the reviews you want to delete and consider that they are inappropriate. Click on the three dots on the side of each review. 
  3. From the dropdown menu select the option “Report comment or find support” 
  4. Select the reasons for reporting the Facebook review or comment as inappropriate e.g. hate speech, fake or spam content). 
  5. Facebook will review your report and notify you if the review is removed.

What Happens If You Flag A Review As Inappropriate? 

When you flag a review as inappropriate on Facebook, the review is sent to Facebook for evaluation. Facebook’s team will review the report to determine if the review violates their Community Standards. If it does, the review will be removed. You will be notified of the outcome once the review process is complete.

Can you Delete Reviews on Facebook?

No, businesses can not delete reviews on Facebook themselves. They can only be removed when you flag a Facebook review as inappropriate because it violates Facebook community standards. 

How To Respond To Bad Facebook Business Page Reviews?

The best way to respond to bad Facebook business page reviews is to acknowledge them. By doing so, you make the concerned customer feel valued and heard. Thank them for their feedback or apologize for any compromised product or service. This gesture shows your commitment to growth and improvement. 

You can further ask them to reach out in DM’s for a more detailed exchange of information ensuring confidentiality.  Keep responses courteous and constructive, regardless of the review’s tone, to maintain a positive image for your business.

Responding To Negative Review Examples

Example 1: 

Negative Review: “I had a terrible experience shopping from your online Gallery. The art piece was ordered and delivered late and damaged. I even reached out to your customer service but didn’t respond back even”

Constructive Response: Dear Customer, we apologize for the inconvenience of the online purchase. We have strived to provide fine-quality art pieces so far but this time we fell short of this time and for that, we are really sorry. Please share your order details so that we can make up for your loss and deliver you with a replacement for the order. The damage caused might be from the delivery end. We hope we will be able to deliver the best quality on replacement. Please care to share the details with the customer department.” 

Example 2 

Bad Facebook Review: “The product quality was not up to the mark and wasn’t as promised. I am really disappointed with it” 

Constructive Response: We are happy for your response. Please share what improvements you think should be made to the product. Your suggestions are really of great help and it is your reviews that help us to get better at what we are doing. We hope we will not disappoint you on your next order. 

If You Block Someone On Facebook Will It Remove Their Review? 

No. blocking someone on Facebook is not the solution to a negative review. Neither it is the professional way to handle the negative reviews from the customers. It remains there on your Facebook business profile page even after blocking. To get rid of any bad review on Facebook the only way to do it is to report that as a flagship review. 

How Professional Reputation Repair Services Can Help You Reclaim A Positive Image On Facebook? 

Professional reputational repair services help you reclaim the tarnished online reputation more strategically. These services devise strategies like reporting inappropriate content, positively responding to negative feedback, and encouraging satisfied customers to leave positive feedback. 

In addition, they also devise tailored plans for your business that help you reclaim the damaged online reputation. It includes SEO, social media management, content management, and much more that ultimately strengthens the brand’s tarnished repute. 


Removing a bad review from your Facebook business page involves identifying and reporting reviews that violate Facebook’s Community Standards. By promptly addressing negative feedback, engaging with customers professionally, and encouraging positive reviews, you can manage your online reputation effectively. Consistent monitoring and proactive response are key to maintaining a positive image and building trust with your audience.

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