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How To Remove Bad Reviews From Indeed? | A Step – By – Step Guide

Have you ever created an account on Indeed official site? A website that is rich in attracting millions of job seekers. Many large organizations, brands, and business owners made accounts there to provide access to a large pool of candidates, company branding opportunities, and review management. Any candidate or employee can leave a review on a brand or organization’s official page, which hurts their online presence.

As a brand or business owner, How do you Deal With Negative Reviews? – worry not!

In this blog post, I’ll guide you on how to remove bad reviews from Indeed and how to protect your online reputation management and monitoring

Why are reviews indeed critical?

Indeed reviews are crucial because they serve as a digital mirror reflecting the reality of a company’s work environment. It helps job seekers to make informed decisions for jobs. These reviews often reveal aspects of the company culture, management style, compensation, work-life balance, and growth opportunities that should be presented in job descriptions or interviews. 

Indeed reviews significantly impact employers’ branding and ability to attract top-tier talent. Positive reviews can amplify their reputation and showcase the positive importance of the workplace. Negative reviews can be damaging if not appropriately addressed, but they can also be an opportunity to demonstrate commitment to improvement to potential candidates. Ultimately, Indeed reviews are a vital aspect of the modern recruitment landscape.

How To Handle Negative Reviews?

To handle negative reviews, it is crucial to calmly assess the feedback, respond professionally, and address valid concerns privately. Negative reviews should be viewed as opportunities for growth; they can provide insights to improve your services and enhance your company’s online reputation.

Remember that not all negative reviews are hurtful or bad. They can provide valuable insights into areas your company can improve. The goal is to turn the negative into a positive by learning and improving from the feedback.

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4 Catchy Steps To Remove Bad Reviews From Indeed

Removing negative reviews on Indeed is challenging, but it is possible. You can pursue these steps:

4 steps to remove Bad reviews from Indeed

Step 1: Identify The Negative Reviews

The first step in removing negative reviews on Indeed is to identify them. Go to your company page on Indeed and look for any negative thoughts. Make a list of the reviews you want to remove. It could be a one-star rating or a lengthy negative narrative.

Step 2: Reach Out To Indeed

Once you make a list of reviews, you must contact the Indeed customer service portal. Now provide them as much information as you want, such as reviews link, reviews detail, and why you believe these reviews should be removed from your site. 

Step 3: Submit A Flag Review 

Indeed requires a formal report to investigate and potentially remove a review. Be sure to detail why you think the review violates Indeed’s guidelines, such as if it includes personal attacks or false information.

Step 4: Follow Up

After reporting, you must check your report status and follow up regularly. Reviewing your report takes some time, but you must be persistent. 

Tips For Preventing From Negative Reviews

To prevent negative reviews, you need to follow the below tips.  

Tip 1: Provide Excellent Customer Service

It provides excellent customer service and is the best way to prevent negative reviews. Ensure your employees are trained to handle customer complaints and provide outstanding service.

Tip 2: Encourage Positive Reviews

You should encourage your potential customers to leave positive reviews on Indeed. This will help balance out negative thoughts and improve your overall rating.

Tip 3: Address Issues Immediately

If a customer has an issue, address it immediately. Please don’t wait for them to leave a negative review. Addressing issues promptly can prevent negative reviews and show concern for your customers. 

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Wrapping Up 

Removing bad reviews from Indeed is essential for maintaining your reputation and attracting new customers and employees. Following the steps mentioned in this blog can remove negative thoughts and Repair your Online Reputation. Remember to respond to negative reviews, prevent future negative reviews, and monitor your online reputation regularly. 

If you need help removing negative reviews, consider hiring a reputation management service by contacting us


Can a company delete a review on Indeed?

No, companies can’t delete reviews. They can flag reviews that they believe violate Indeed’s guidelines and Indeed will evaluate the flagged reviews.

Can employers remove Indeed reviews?

Employers cannot directly remove reviews. If they believe a review is inappropriate or violates Indeed’s guidelines, they can report it to Indeed to assess.

Can employers give you a bad review on Indeed?

No, Indeed is not designed for employers to review employees; it’s a platform for employees to share their experiences and reviews about employers.

How to respond to negative reviews on Indeed?

Through their employer accounts, companies can directly respond to reviews. The key is to be professional, acknowledge the issue, and mention any corrective measures taken.

Why can’t I see reviews on Indeed?

If you can’t see reviews, it could be because they are yet to be reviewed, or Indeed may have removed them due to violating their guidelines.

Can you flag reviews on Indeed?

Yes, any user can flag a review on Indeed if it’s believed to be violating the platform’s guidelines. Indeed’s content moderation team evaluates flagged reviews.

Can Indeed reviews be traced?

Reviews on Indeed are typically anonymous to the public. However, Indeed may have access to the account information of the reviewer for internal purposes or if legal issues arise.

Can you be sued for leaving a bad review on Indeed?

If the review contains truthful, personal experience, it’s typically protected. However, posting false, defamatory, or malicious Content Creation could have legal implications.

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