How to Remove your Information From Bizapedia

How To Remove Information From Bizapedia? A Complete Guide

Did you find any negative information about your brand online, that seems inappropriate to you as this has happened in the past. Is it so? Then it can be a drastic situation for you to manage as well as monitor your online reputation. Because you know that negative publicity can harm your current status or reputation. As these are data broker websites, you can ask them to delete your record from your site such as Bizapedia and Google as well. But there are several data broker websites available who have such information about your brand. But how will you remove your information from Bizapedia?  

What Is Bizapedia.Com?

Bizapedia is an online US business directory with company details such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and key personnel. Users can search, verify, and connect for networking, marketing, or research. Businesses can promote and increase visibility. Request info updates or removal following Bizapedia’s procedures.

How To Opt-Out Your Information From Bizapedia?

If you want to remove information from Bizapedia by yourself (manually) you can follow the steps illustrated below:

  • Go to official website. 

  • Scroll down the page and click on the “contact Us” link. 

  • Now select the second radio button option “i would like to hide company’s personal information….”

  • After That, fill up the form by entering the “company page URL”. Also, check the last two options and click on the “submit request” button. 

Request for Removing your Info from Bizapedia

  • Your request will be submitted to Bizapedia authorities or manager and they will contact you with the gmail account you provided in the form. 

You can also contact reputed websites such as SaveRepute helps several clients to regain their online reputation. With the help of Google Suppression Services and its effective strategies they become successful in gaining the trust of potential clients. 

Is Bizapedia Legitimate?

Yes, Bizapedia is a legal website. It boasts a 4.38-star rating from 10 reviews, reflecting high customer satisfaction. It ranks 102nd among Business Services Other sites, demonstrating its popularity and reliability as a reputable online business directory in the United States.


Removing your information from such websites like Bizapedia, PeopleLookUp and others is not a tricky task. You can perform it by yourself as mentioned above or you can hire a professional for this. You have to wait for a short time and check Google manually if your information is still there or not. For further information, you can also contact SaveRepute.

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