Why Does Spirit Airlines Have a Bad Reputation

Why Does Spirit Airlines Have a Bad Reputation?: Understanding Problems

It is well-known that flying can be a very stressful affair, but sadly, Spirit Airlines seems to make it worse. 

It has been criticized in terms of its numerous complaints and bad reviews among people who are aware of this fact. 

Why is this so? In this article, we will examine the problems associated with Spirit Airlines’ notoriety. 

We will show how poor customer service and social media backlash have helped to give the low-cost airline a negative public image. 

So fasten your seat belts as we look at why Spirit Airlines has a bad reputation. 

What is Spirit Airlines and what is the Public Perception of it?

What is Spirit Airlines and what is the Public Perception of it

Spirit Airlines is situated in Miramar, Florida, it’s an American ultra-low-cost airline. It was founded in 1980 and it mainly serves destinations within the United States as well as some international locations. 

As a low-cost carrier, Spirit differentiates itself through its low fares which are achieved through add-ons like checked baggage charges and seat assignments.

Spirit Airlines has a negative image among the public due to bad service to most of its clients. It contains a negative image as reinforced by reports of Spirit Airlines delays in flight or cancellations and very long waiting times on customer service phone lines coupled with hidden fees for services that other airlines’ tickets commonly contain.

This budget airline frequently gets one-star reviews and negative feedback on popular sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor. However, based on factors such as customer satisfaction and on-time performance, a study conducted by The Points Guy in 2018 showed that Spirit was last out of nine major U.S airlines.

Additionally, these strict regulations regarding luggage allowances and extra charges for additional facilities have further contributed to the perception. Overall, many travelers see this airline as being unreliable and an unpleasant experience when flying.

What are the Problems Associated With Spirit Airlines?

  • Low Customer Satisfaction Levels

It has been constantly rated at one star by clients who give Spirit Airlines reviews negativity. The airline is in a fix because this tarnishes the image of its overall service provision. 

In 2018, Spirit ranked last among the major U.S. airlines on customer satisfaction and on-time performance as per a study done by The Points Guy.

  • Inconsistent Service Delivery

Flights with Spirit Airlines usually come with delays, cancellations, and other related disruptions. This can be very exasperating and inappropriate, more so for those passengers who have connecting flights or have time-bound plans such as business meetings or official appointments across different states within a given country. 

Consequently, Spirit is known to be unreliable when it comes to air travel.

  • Stringent Baggage Rules

One of the key gripes that customers have about Spirit Airlines is their stringent baggage rules. Customers are allowed only one personal item free of charge under their “Bare Fare” pricing model and must pay extra fees for any additional carry-ons or checked bags that they bring with them onto the plane. 

As a result, many travelers have felt annoyed and stunned by surprise charges after not being informed about these guidelines before reserving their tickets.

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  • Hidden Costs

Baggage fees and hidden fees are also part of the reputation of Spirit Airlines. These can involve fares for selecting Spirit Airlines seats, obtaining physical tickets at airports, sustenance while on board, or even a charge for using a credit card. 

This can be confusing and inconvenient when customers believe that they have secured an air ticket at the right price only to be bombarded with unexpected extra charges during the booking process.

  • Lack of Amenities

Spirit Airlines keeps its flight prices lower than other carriers by not offering many usual amenities. For example, there is no free in-flight entertainment nor Wi-Fi wireless internet connection, and the seats do not recline. 

Consequently, compared to other airlines, this makes flying less enjoyable and comfortable.

  • Unreliable On-Time Performance

Spirit Airlines is also known for its poor punctuality record. As per data published by the Department of Transportation (DOT), Spirit has been consistently ranked as one of the worst-performing major US airlines in terms of punctuality trends on arrival time i.e., on-time arrivals met or missed within 15 minutes). 

Consequently, this causes dissatisfaction among travelers due to missed flights or delayed flights resulting from inconveniences.

  • Little Routes

Spirit Airlines are only goes to a few destinations compared to larger carriers with many routes. This can be a disadvantage for travelers who require specific points or those who will be more comfortable if they have several options in planning their trip.

  • Extra Charges and Costs

One of the main reasons why people love flying with Spirit Airlines is because their base fares are low. However, other airlines provide these services at no cost or lower rates than the fares charged by Spirit Airlines. 

Therefore, all this means that one may end up paying so much more on additional fees and charges making the total cost of the flight comparable to that of other airlines.

  • No Frequent Flyer Program

Unlike most major airways, there’s no loyalty program for frequent flyers in spirit. This implies that travelers do not have any chance of accruing miles or achieving any status benefits by consistently selecting flights operated by Spirit. 

For occasional travelers, this might not be an issue or concern but for frequent flyers, they are likely to miss out on some advantages provided by other airlines’ respective loyalty programs.

  • Destinations Limited

The expansion of its route network by Spirit Airlines over the years has been noted, but it still maintains few destinations compared to other major airlines. 

This means that it is not always possible for someone to travel with Spirit if they are planning since their desired place is outside the hub or focus cities of Spirit.

Why is Spirit Considered a Bad Airline?

Why is Spirit Considered a Bad Airline

Various reasons have made Spirit Airlines be termed as a bad airline on several occasions. Firstly, their terrible customer service reputation stands out prominently due to many complaints of rude staff and unhelpful policies. 

The second reason is that the company is infamous for its numerous extra charges ranging from baggage fees to seat selection charges resulting in overall flight costs being higher than expected because these additional costs can accumulate over time. 

Furthermore, there are no frequent flier programs at Spirit that would reward customers who book flights with them regularly unlike other airlines. Finally, travelers may not always find an option for traveling with Spirit Airlines when going to those places where such opportunities are available only on select occasions such as this season’s destination. 

Therefore, one may say that there are some disadvantages associated with such deals. All these factors contribute to why most passengers view Spirit Airlines unfavorably.

Has Spirit Airlines Taken Any Steps to Improve its Reputation?

  • Spirit Airlines designed its Free Spirit loyalty program specifically to reward customers who fly often with points that can be used for flights and other benefits.
  • It also concentrated on enhancing its on-time performance as well as customer service in a bid to repair reputation
  • Spirit, in an attempt to enhance transparency about additional costs, introduced fee simplification strategies and increased visibility of the same.
  • The airline is trying to expand its route network so it covers more destinations that would benefit a larger group of people.
  • To provide customers with more options and incentives when booking flights, Spirit has entered into strategic alliances with airlines and travel partners.
  • The Free Spirit loyalty program is made up of different tiers where higher levels have better rewards such as priority boarding or free checked-in bags.
  • Points may be redeemed not only for tickets but also for staying at hotels during business trips, taxis, and other extras.
  • This company gained recognition for being cheap because of economically-priced services that target budget travelers making them their primary clients.
  • Besides, there is a possibility to choose the “Bare Fare” option which allows passengers to pay only the minimum fare they need for their journey first then add extra if needed.

What are the Ways to Improve the Reputation of Any Airline Industry?

Airlines can take some actions to make sure that the public online image of the industry is enhanced. The first measure is to improve services rendered to clients. Airline companies need to ensure excellent passenger service experience by working on prompt and polite responses. 

Technological investment toward efficiency in travel experiences is another way of enhancing their reputation. Some of these include different reservation systems, better mobile phone user interfaces, and in-flight entertainment among others. 

Lastly, maintaining a good safety track record as well as complying with strict security measures remains vital for building faith among passengers. Otherwise, these companies might want to go green by going for sustainable activities like the use of energy-efficient Inside Spirit Airlines planes or reducing CO2 emissions hence targeting environmentally conscious individuals who may decide to fly with them. 

Also, open communication during times when there are disruptions or delays could help relieve anger and create customer loyalty. Through these airlines, service excellence will always be ensured for the benefit of having a better brand within this competitive sector.


It is a fact that Spirit Airlines has a bad name because of several things. The rising spirit Airlines problems today such as; low fares at the expense of customer comfort and amenities and inconsistent and unreliable flight schedules, have made many passengers complain about them. 

Moreover, most customers cannot understand their pricing tactics, and their service to clients is very poor to the extent that it has worsened people’s thinking about them. On the other hand, if only the company takes measures towards bettering its reputation such as investing in sustainable efforts while offering honest communications with their clients during disruptions like this one. 

Because of settling those areas, Spirit Airlines will be able to rebuild itself from environmental-minded travelers or its loyal customers who won’t trust back in it.

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