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Clustrmaps Opt-Out: Demystifying The Process

No matter how careful you’re about securing your personal information. Data brokers find their way to steal your information. There are numerous websites available on the internet that have your personal data at hand. These websites used this information for illegal purposes that might hurt your online reputation. To further secure your online presence, you should remove your information from Clustrmaps. To do so, you have to fill up a data removal form of clustrmaps. Don’t know how to do this, worry not! Lets begin with us, as we’ll guide you step-by-step how to do clustrmaps opt-out manually or through expert help. 

What Is A Clustrmaps.Com?

Clustrmaps is a huge databroker website that collects and shares your private information over the internet. The information it shares online include phone number, address, email address, employment history, neighbors, property issues, area history and more. It also provides detailed information about visitors, audience geolocation, and visitor behavior on its website. On this website, anybody can access the information if they have required person’s data (full name, address, etc)

Why Is It Important To Opt-Out From Clustrmaps?

Keeping your information out of clustrmaps and any other databroker site is another step in ensuring your professional and personal reputation online. This information is available freely and can be used by stalkers, scammers, and also involved in malicious activities. It’s advisable to remove your information as soon as possible to escape from all hurdles towards your success.

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How To Opt-Out Of Clustrmaps?

To opt-out of clustrmaps, here are the steps you should follow. This is a manual process and hence quick and safe:

  • Go to website

go to Clustrmaps website

  • Now enter the address and name and then click on the “find” button

click on find button on Clustrmaps

  • It will show a list of several records, find your and click on “view details” button

view details on clustrmaps

  • A new window will appear, copy the URL of your record

copy url from clustrmaps

  • Scroll down the page, and click on “remove my information” at the end

Clustrmaps remove my info

  • A new tab will appear, fill the form by giving name, gmail, URL, address and click on “next step” button

  • Now check all the boxes to permanently remove all the information and then click on the “apply” button

  • After applying, the website will notify you that your information removal process is successfully submitted. You can check gmail for further information

removal request for Clustrmaps

Other Way To Delete Your Record From The Internet

If you don’t want to remove your information by yourself, you can also hire professional services and perform this check. You can find online the most reputable website and call for their services. For instance, Saverepute is one the best online reputed companies and provides various services to clients to build its reputation. In case of data removal from Google and other sites you can take its SERP suppression , repair bad reputation, and also brand management services to rebuild your image in the market. 

How Did Clustrmaps Get My Information?

Clustrmaps gets your information from various online publicly available resources and from their official websites. They apply free widgets and get the update if any new data enters on their site. It then saves this record and stores it in their database, without notifying the respected authorities. The main purpose of these websites is to sell this information in exchange for money. They don’t understand how much this information can destroy you, if used for illegal purposes. In order to protect your brand image and enjoy a reputation online, remove your data quickly. 


Is Clustrmaps Safe?

Yes, Clustrmaps is generally considered safe. It tracks visits to a website, not personal data of individual visitors.

Who Owns Clustrmaps?

The website Clustrmaps was founded by Marc Eisenstadt and is currently owned by Idriss Suleiman.

Why Am I On Clustrmaps?

You’re on Clustrmaps because your IP address was recorded when you visited a website using Clustrmaps for visitor tracking.


Removing your personal data from data broker websites is crucial due to its illegal purposes.  You should take legal actions to these data brokers websites and also limit your data on your social media profiles to further secure your online presence.

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