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How Online Reviews Influence Sales (11 Ways to Win Clients)

Today, online reviews have a big impact on how consumers make decisions. People frequently consult other people’s opinions before making a purchasing decision, whether it be for a good or service.  In this article, we’ll explore how online reviews influence sales and what businesses can do to leverage this trend.

Importance of Online Reviews

Reviews have grown in importance as online shopping has become more common, providing consumers with essential information. 91% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase decision, according to a BrightLocal survey. Consumers are more likely to believe online reviews than conventional advertising or word-of-mouth recommendations, according to the same survey.

The reputation of a business can also be significantly impacted by favorable reviews. According to a Harvard Business School study, an increase of one star in a company’s Yelp rating results in a 5-9% increase in revenue. On the other hand, unfavorable reviews can hurt a business’s sales. According to a Moz study, a business can lose 22% of its customers with just one bad review.

How Online Reviews Influence Sales

How Online Reviews Influence Sales 1

Trust and Credibility

Because online reviews are written by actual people who have used the product or service, consumers are more likely to believe them. Reviews can give important information about the products, clients, and reputation of a business. Positive reviews can build credibility and trust, increasing the likelihood that a customer will make a purchase.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The search engine rankings of a business can also be impacted by online reviews. Reviews can affect search engine algorithms, and more reviews are a sign of greater popularity and engagement. A business’s local search ranking can benefit from positive reviews, increasing its exposure to prospective clients.

Increased Engagement

Increased engagement with a company’s online presence can result from positive reviews. Positive reviews increase consumer engagement with businesses, which can boost revenue and brand loyalty.

Social Proof

Social proof of a company’s offerings can also be obtained from online reviews. When customers read positive reviews, they are more likely to have a favorable opinion of the business and believe that the good or service is worthwhile.

Impact on Local Search Rankings

Local search results for a company can also be impacted by online reviews. When choosing which businesses to display in local search results, search engines like Google take into account the number and quality of reviews.

Impact on Purchasing Decisions

Online reviews can have a big impact on buying decisions, especially for purchases that require a lot of thought. 91% of consumers between the ages of 18 and 34 say they trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations, according to a BrightLocal survey.

Importance of Responding To Reviews

Sales can be impacted by responding to both positive and negative reviews. A Harvard Business Review study found that companies that replied to customer reviews received higher ratings than those that didn’t.

Consistency of Reviews

Building trust with potential customers requires consistency in online reviews. Potential customers may be suspicious of a company and lose faith in it if it receives both extremely positive and extremely negative reviews.

Impact On Brand Image

The overall brand image of a company may also be impacted by online reviews. Negative reviews can harm a company’s reputation and make it more difficult to draw in new clients. Positive reviews, on the other hand, can enhance a company’s reputation and boost client loyalty.

Role Of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has grown to be a significant factor in influencing purchasing decisions in addition to online reviews. Customers frequently believe the opinions of the influencers they pay attention to, and they are susceptible to being persuaded to act on their advice.

The importance of Authenticity

Businesses should make sure that their online reviews are real and not fabricated or edited. Consumers are adept at spotting fake reviews, and if they are, it can be detrimental to a company’s reputation.

Online Reviews: Using them to your Advantage

Knowing how to take advantage of this trend to help a business is crucial now that we are aware of how online reviews affect sales. Here are some pointers to get you going:

online reviews to boost your reputation

Encourage Reviews

Increasing the number of online reviews can be accomplished by encouraging customers to do so. Offering incentives to customers who leave reviews, like discounts or free merchandise, can be very effective.

Monitor Reviews

Businesses can maintain control of their online reputation by keeping an eye on customer reviews. It can demonstrate to customers that a company cares about their experience and is dedicated to offering top-notch service by responding to both positive and negative reviews.

Respond to Reviews

Respond to both positive and negative customer reviews to engage with them. This demonstrates your appreciation for their input and your dedication to enhancing your company. Responding to unfavorable comments can give you a chance to fix the problem and make things better.

Share Positive Reviews on Social Media

Share positive reviews you get with your social media followers to show off your happy clients. In the eyes of potential customers who may be researching your company, this can help establish credibility and trust.

Use Reviews to Inform Business Decisions

Online reviews can offer insightful information about your customer’s interactions with your brand. Make smart business decisions based on this feedback, such as updating your products or services or improving customer service.

Incorporate Reviews into Marketing Materials

In your marketing materials, such as website copy, brochures, and advertisements, use quotes from favorable reviews. With potential customers who may be thinking about doing business with you, this can help establish credibility and trust.

Offer Incentives for Leaving Reviews

Offer rewards to customers who leave reviews, like discounts or coupons for their subsequent purchases. This may increase the number of reviews your company receives and provide insight.

Factors That Affect Trust in Online Reviews

The degree to which a person trusts online reviews can depend on a variety of factors. These consist of the following:

  1. Reviewer Credibility: Consumers’ level of trust in online reviews is significantly influenced by the reviewer’s reputation. A reviewer’s review is more likely to be taken seriously if they are seen as knowledgeable and reliable.
  2. A number of Reviews: When there are a large number of online reviews, consumers are more likely to believe them. The likelihood that the overall sentiment accurately represents the product or service increases with the number of reviews.
  3. Review Content: The review’s actual content is also very important. Reviews are more credible when they are well-written, thorough, and give specific examples of the good or service.
  4. Review Source: Trust can be impacted by the review’s author as well. Reviews from reliable sources are likely to be believed, such as well-known review websites or reliable influencers.
  5. Review Timing: The timing of reviews can also have an effect on trust. Customers might suspect fake or paid reviews if, for instance, a product receives a large number of positive reviews soon after it is released.

How to Determine the Trustworthiness of Online Reviews

There are a few methods that customers can use to assess the reliability of online reviews, even though it can be difficult to do so:

Look for Patterns

Look for trends in the sentiment and content of reviews by reading several of them. The likelihood that a review is an accurate representation of a product or service increases if numerous reviews point out the same problem.

Check Multiple Sources

Look for evaluations from a variety of sources, such as reliable review websites and reliable influencers. The sentiment is more likely to be reliable if it is consistent across different sources.

Consider the Context

Think about the review’s context, including the reviewer’s background and the timing of the review.

Use Tools

Consumers can use a number of online resources, including Fakespot and ReviewMeta, to assess how reliable online reviews are.


Online reviews are a crucial component of a company’s marketing strategy because they have a significant influence on consumers’ purchasing choices. Positive reviews can boost online reputation, build credibility and trust, and provide social proof for a business’s products.

On the other hand, unfavorable reviews can harm a company’s reputation and result in lost sales. Businesses can take advantage of the power of online reviews to boost sales and develop a positive reputation by encouraging reviews, keeping an eye on online reputation, and using feedback for improvement.

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