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How To Remove Your Information From Mylife.Com?

Your personal and professional information is an essential source for your business to grow. You have to showcase only specific information to your audience, not overall. Because there are several data broker websites available online who can easily steal your information and use it for damaging your reputation. is also a data broker website who take publicly available information from different sites, assemble it in a record and freely available online. Let’s find out how to remove your information from In this guide by SaveRepute, you will Learn How to Opt Out From

What Is Mylife.Com? operates as a prominent data broker and reputation management platform. It amasses data from publicly accessible sources and provides search capabilities via name, phone number, or address. The information found in these records can range from personal data like your home address and phone number to financial details such as net worth and car model. It also provides potentially sensitive data like criminal records, bankruptcies, lawsuits, and liens.

Furthermore, features a reputation scoring system that assesses background reports and invites individuals to rate your character and reputation. Interestingly, these reviews can be submitted anonymously by anyone, including those who may have unresolved issues or grievances against you.

How You Can Remove Your Information From Mylife?

To manually remove your information from mylife’s website follow these steps:

  • Go to official website.

official website of

  • In the input field enter your name and click on the “search” button

search your name on

  • Find out your record and then right click on it, a menu will appear. Click on the “copy link address” option. The link will be copied to clipboard

record search in

  • Now scroll down the page at the end and then click on the “Don’t sell my personal information” or simply open a removal request page of Mylife

Dont sell my data page on

  • Fill up the form and captcha and click on the opt-out button.

Opt out from

  • You should check out your Google account to further process your request. It will take 15 Business days to review your request.

Check out the search engine if your record is still available or not on the internet. 

Is Mylife.Com Website Legal? operates legally and provides various personal details such as residential history, contact information, employment details, political affiliations, and information about relatives and associates. However, it has garnered a significant number of negative reviews citing issues like unexpected charges, challenges in opting out, and provision of incomplete or outdated information.

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What is The Reputation Score Of Mylife Website?

MyLife utilizes a ‘reputation score’ strategy to enhance the appeal of their reports. This score, akin to a credit score, offers a more comprehensive view of an individual beyond their credit history. To formulate this score, the company analyzes a person’s background report, which includes data from criminal court records, civil judgments, bankruptcies, lawsuits, and more.

Wrap Up

Managing your personal and professional information is crucial in this digital age where numerous data broker websites like, Unicourt Removal can easily access and compile your public information. These sites may inadvertently harm your reputation by making such details freely available online. Therefore, understanding how to remove your information from sites like is a vital step in safeguarding your online presence and ensuring your business continues to flourish without unwarranted interruptions. Its a great way to Repair Bad Reputation of yourself and your Business With Record Removal of Mylife Website.

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