How to Remove Fake Reviews From Angi

How To Remove Fake Reviews From Angie’s List?

Have you ever met with a situation where your competitors try to harm your reputation? Probably yes, in a scenario where you have a reputable online presence. 

These reviews are not customer experienced reviews, they are fabricated or manipulated reviews. Their purpose is to degrade your reputation while sharing fake reviews on a popular site like 

Angie’s list is a digital marketplace for home services. It provides its services to both customers and businesses. Angie’s List serves as a trusted resource connecting consumers with local service providers. 

In this blog post, we’ll look at how to remove fake reviews from Angie’s list. So, keep in touch with us and give a deep dive!

What Is Angie’s connects homeowners with paid home improvement contractors. In 2020, 240,000 businesses interacted with customers on The portal received 32 million project requests in 500 categories. lets users find service-specialized contractors. Plumbing, landscaping, electricity, painting, HVAC, and roofing are included. Entering home renovation needs yields unique solutions. The software allows consumers to compare service provider estimates to make educated judgments.

Local service reviews distinguish Each business’s detailed profile lets users learn from former customers. These profiles evaluate overall score, price, professionalism, punctuality, quality, and responsiveness. To complete their service provider experience, customers can provide ratings and photographs. This transparency informs potential users based on past customers’ experiences.

Homeowners now hire contractors through The portal has become a go-to resource for homes looking for reliable service providers due to its large company network, rigorous review system, and specialized matching capabilities.

How Does It Work? connects customers with reliable local service providers. If you want more features, there are paid plans.

Some service providers pay for advertising after creating a free profile. For home improvement and repair companies, advertising on is like having an extra sales crew. 

Why Does Angie’s List Switch Its Name To Angi?

Angie’s List became Angi to reflect its ownership of HomeAdvisor and Skilled. Angie’s List was well-known, but it no longer accurately represented the expanded offerings.

In addition to matching clients with contractors, the company’s transformation includes simple service booking and payment. Angi allows homeowners to find, book, and pay contractors. Angi can now serve more home service consumers.

Angi Ads and Leads money originates from home service professionals. It connects home service specialists with potential clients. It gives valuable offers to strengthen through annual memberships that give homeowners discounts and vouchers.

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Why It’s Important To Have A Good Reputation On Angi?

Home services companies need an excellent Angi reputation. Positive comments and evaluations not only link to your website but also increase customer confidence in your company.

When clients have several options, a great internet reputation can make a major difference. A firm with positive evaluations is more likely to be chosen than one without.

How You Can Remove Fake Reviews From Angi.Com?

It’s very difficult to remove fake reviews from, but not impossible. For businesses it’s a little bit more difficult because they have to maintain their online reputation as well. Removing Your Bad Reviews from can repair your Business Reputation. Here are both legal and non-legal methods which you can use to remove fake reviews from such sites:

Business Non-legal Action

  • How To Spot Fake Reviews From Angi?

A company should start by reviewing its records and comparing them to the information provided by the reviewer in order to spot phony reviews. The reviewer’s lack of customer evidence is a red flag. It’s also vital to watch out for questionable accounts that lack details or show strong company support in their evaluations. Analyzing reviews’ timing and phrasing can also assist verify them. If your business receives a lot of negative reviews quickly, it may be a targeted attack.

  • Angi Review Community Guideline

Reviewing on Angi requires knowledge of and adherence to its Community Guidelines. These rules encourage reviewers to give an honest and accurate account of their project experience without being harsh or unpleasant. Use proper language, stay on subject, and don’t share private information.

  • Ask Reviewer To Remove The Review

Businesses can request that Angi reviewers remove bad evaluations. The reviewer frequently edits or deletes their own review. If a negative review was created by a business mistake or misunderstanding, responding to the consumer and trying to resolve the issue may change the review. Remember that responding to a review may make the bad review more visible and harder to erase.

  • Flag And Dispute The Review

Angi provides ways to report and challenge reviews. ‘Pro’ members can flag reviews, and the platform has built-in tools to identify and flag fake reviews. When there is a dispute between a customer and a business, the review’s rating may be put on hold until a resolution is reached. However, Angi doesn’t take responsibility for any claims, damages, or losses resulting from using the platform.

If you believe a negative review was mistakenly linked to your business due to Angi’s error, you can contact a Support Specialist by starting a chat during business hours.

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Business Legal Action

  • Can You Sue Angi.Com For Fake Reviews?

You can’t sue for bogus reviews. Angi is protected from liability for user-generated content by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

However, you may be able to sue the bogus reviewer. Especially if the review contains misleading statements that hurt your or your business’s reputation.

  • Completely Remove Angi Business Listing

Removing a business listing from is complicated. You can try a few things. Angi’s contact form can be used to seek account closure. In the form, you can also provide platform feedback. Emailing Angi to remove your business listing is another alternative. To help them understand your request, mention your business’s name and other pertinent information. You can remove your business listing by calling Angi’s customer support staff. Remember that the process may take time and involve certain stages.

Final Thoughts

Online reputation management on platforms like can be difficult. However, understanding the importance of a positive reputation, spotting phony reviews, and knowing how to resolve them are crucial to keeping potential clients’ trust. Businesses can take legal and non-legal steps to reduce the impact of fraudulent reviews. Businesses may maintain credibility and create a great customer experience by following Angi’s rules, connecting with customers, and using reporting systems. 

You can take SaveRepute services to remove fake reviews from such websites.

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