how to find someone with just a name

How to Find Someone Online with Just a Name (9 Best Ways)

As you know, technology is becoming more advanced. And finding someone on Google or any social media site is not a tricky task. But it gets tricky when you only have to find someone with a name. But luckily, there are some websites where you can easily find someone by name. There are different public or data broker websites that have such information at hand, as well as unpaid ones like FastPeopleSearch removal and UniCourt.

Here we’ll explore how to locate a person with just a name. So, let’s get started!

9 Best Ways To Locate Someone With Name

There are different ways from where you can find a specific person’s information with just a name. 

9 ways to find someone with just a name

1) Start With A Google Search

Google is not just a search engine, it’s more advanced than this. If you find someone with just a name add a city name to it too. If you give just a name then it will show to you with generic information, it means more information to filter and finding out the exact person will be difficult and a lot of time consuming. But if you write the name and city name in double quotes, you can find more relevant data. You can also utilize advanced search options to filter results by date, locations and other factors. 

2) Check Social Media Platforms

Social media apps are widely used among users. There are billions of users on social media platforms and contain profiles there. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are popular among users and finding someone with a name is easier now than ever. If you’re not sure which platform that specific person is using you can use third party tools such as social search for this. These tools help you find someone’s online presence in an easier way.

3) Use Specialized Search Engines

There are several specialized search engine websites available online that help you in finding the desired person you’re looking for. For example you can search AnyWho, Beenverified, truthfinder, spokeo, social catfish, and pipl search. The purpose of all these websites is to help users in finding out the accurate person they are looking for. You can also add additional information if you have to locate that person. 

4) Look For Public Records

Public records can be found on data broker websites such as,, Trusthfinder and more. These websites collect data from social media sites and public sites and store it in their database. Anytime Google can rank these websites’ data, which damages your online reputation. It’s important to clean your online presence before it cleans you. 

5) Check Domain Registration Records

In your search to locate an individual, exploring their website can prove to be a valuable resource. By delving into the domain registration records, you may uncover insightful details about their online footprint. The domain registration records provide valuable insights into the individual or entity responsible for registering the domain name, along with the pertinent contact details of the website’s proprietor. One effective method for accessing domain registration records is by utilizing a tool such as Whois.

6) Check Online Directories

If you’re looking to locate individuals, there are numerous online directories available that can be of great help. Popular platforms like Whitepages and 411 offer comprehensive search capabilities to aid you in your quest. Directories often contain a variety of contact details, such as phone numbers, addresses, and other means of reaching out to individuals. Additionally, they may also provide information about the person’s social media profiles, if applicable.

7) Ask Mutual Contacts

Make an effort to connect with individuals within your network who may have a mutual association or friendship with the individual you are seeking. Kindly inquire if they possess any knowledge regarding the most suitable means of establishing contact with the said person. It is possible that they could furnish you with the necessary contact details or guide you towards the individual’s online presence.

8) Zillow – Find House 

If you only have an address, a reverse address lookup tool is best. This tool makes it easy to find someone. Zillow, a popular real estate website, lets users enter their property’s address or zip code for more information. Searching by name or personal history may not function on this site. But don’t worry—you’ll find plenty of information on their home and related topics.

Zillow gives an estimated value, square footage, number of bedrooms and baths, and appealing interior and exterior photos. It also shows the house’s unique features, the year it was built, and the neighboring schools people may have attended.

9) Hire A Professional

If you are unable to locate Find Someone Online With Just a Name, you may wish to consider hiring a professional investigator or a specialized online search service. These online reputation services frequently have access to databases and tools that can help them find information that the general public may not have.

Bottom Line

There are multiple ways you can search out a specific person’s information due to fast ever growing technology. It can be used in both positive and negative ways, depending on people’s view of why they are searching for you. If you want to find someone’s online presence you can take SaveRepute’s experts help.

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