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What is Online Reputation Management? (Complete Guide 2023)

Have you ever done a Google search for your name or your company and been shocked by the results? Ever wondered what is online reputation management and how it can benefit your business?

Your online reputation can impact your personal and professional lives. Therefore, it’s crucial to manage the online reputation. ORM strategies can help you do this.

Online reputation management services include monitoring, identifying, and influencing your reputation online. It entails controlling what people see when they conduct an online search for you or your brand.

We’ll talk about the value of managing your online reputation and how it can affect your public relations efforts in this blog. We’ll also discuss social media marketing and branding as efficient methods for managing your online reputation.

What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Monitoring your online presence, identifying threats to your reputation, and responding to any damaging content is all part of online reputation management. It is important to monitor search engine results, social media platforms, and review sites to maintain a positive reputation.

Business owners are concentrating more and more on ORM, as a bad reputation can impact their sales and profits. If you are a digital company starting reputation management services, your pitch will determine whether you get the project.

You can read how to write a reputational management proposal to increase your chances. 

Types of Online Reputation Management

There are two types of ORM: proactive and reactive.

Proactive Online Reputation Management

An active ORM strategy involves taking action to manage your online reputation and presence. Producing top-notch content, building a large social media following, and being aware of potential threats online are all necessary to accomplish this. Producing top-notch content, building a large social media following, and being aware of potential threats online are all necessary to accomplish this.

By managing your online reputation, you can position your company as a thought leader in your field, gain the trust of your target market, and attract new business.

Reactive Online Reputation Management

The goal of reactive ORM is to deal with offensive material and possible crises online. A good reputation management strategy includes monitoring negative reviews online, responding to client complaints, and addressing bad press or reviews.

Effective online reputation management requires both proactive and reactive ORM strategies. You can establish a strong online presence and gain the trust of your target audience by using proactive strategies.

Reactive strategies, on the other hand, can help you deal What is Online Reputation Management with any unfavorable content and safeguard the reputation of your company.

How Online Reputation Management Works

Online reputation management (ORM) works by monitoring and influencing how your brand is perceived online. ORM aims to ensure that the online presence of your brand reflects positively on your company and that any negative content is addressed promptly and effectively.

ORM can protect or restore the reputation of your brand in the following ways:

  • Monitoring
  • Analysis
  • Strategy
  • Content creation
  • Response management
  • Review management

Online reputation management services require a high level of expertise, which is why these services are costly. If you are offering ORM services, our article How much to charge for Reputation Management will help you determine the appropriate rate. 

What is the difference between PR and Online Reputation Management?

Public relations (PR) and online reputation management are two separate but related practices. While they both involve managing a company’s reputation and public perception, their objectives, strategies, and scope are different. The following are some crucial variations between ORM and PR:

Different Approaches

By actively promoting positive content through media outlets, news articles, advertising, and other promotional initiatives, PR firms typically take a proactive approach to enhance a company’s reputation. Online reputation management firm, on the other hand, focuses on keeping an eye on and taking action to suppress negative sentiment and reviews in order to prevent further harm to a company’s reputation.

Different Goals

Online reputation management and public relations both strive to present a company in the best possible light, but their objectives can vary. PR works to improve a company’s reputation, raise its profile, and draw in new clients. On the other hand, online reputation management is concerned with safeguarding a company’s reputation by addressing damaging content and halting its spread.

Different Audiences

PR agencies frequently focus on external audiences like the press, news sites, clients, and potential customers. However, the internal and external audiences targeted by online reputation management include employees, stakeholders, and the general public.

Different Timing

The public relations efforts of a company or brand are often proactive What is Online Reputation Management and planned, such as when a new service or product is launched. An online reputation management strategy typically involves responding to negative content or reviews immediately.

Why is Online Reputation Management Important for business?

Your online reputation may influence people’s perceptions of you or your brand. Negative reviews, comments, or articles can damage your reputation and cost you opportunities or business. You can make sure that your online presence accurately represents your values and expertise by managing your online reputation.

In today’s world, there are many examples of online reputation management, which illustrates its importance to businesses and individuals. For instance, the clothing brand Zara was blocked in France because of its alleged link to the forced labor of Uyghurs in China. Therefore, reputation management for e-commerce plays a critical role in attracting customers and growing business.

House of Cards actor Kevin Spacey was fired from the show because of sexual harassment allegations. On the bright side, brands like Nike are winning at ORM because of their unmatched customer support service.  

A good online reputation can provide you with the following advantages:

Build Credibility and Trust

Consumers today are more likely to conduct online due diligence on a business What is Online Reputation Management before making a purchase or doing business with them. With your target audience, credibility and trust can be established and grown thanks to a good online reputation. Positive reviews, social media posts, and a strong online presence enhance your brand’s credibility. 

Protects Your Brand’s Image

Your brand’s reputation can be damaged by unfavourable content, such as negative reviews or articles. You can quickly respond to such content and safeguard the reputation of your brand by managing your online reputation.

Increases Business Opportunities

A strong online presence can lead to new business opportunities like speaking engagements, collaborations, and partnerships. You can draw in new business opportunities and broaden your network by establishing yourself as a thought leader in your sector.

Improves SEO

Businesses that want to rank higher in search engine results must invest in What is Online Reputation Management search engine optimization (SEO). You can enhance your SEO and raise your online visibility by managing your online reputation and producing high-quality content.

Mitigate Risk

In today’s digital age, managing one’s online reputation is crucial for risk mitigation. You can avoid potential harm to your brand’s reputation and safeguard your company by keeping an eye on your online reputation and responding quickly to any negative content or online reviews. Google alerts can help you in this regard. 

Addresses Customer Concerns

Customer complaints must be promptly and effectively addressed as part of online reputation management. You can show your dedication to customer service and earn the trust of your target audience by promptly responding to customer questions and complaints.

Who Can Use Online Reputation Management Services?

Nowadays, almost all businesses operate online. Therefore, it has become more What is Online Reputation Management crucial to manage one’s online reputation and presence. ORM services can be used by the following professions to build trust and boost their image:

SurgeonsReal Estate Agents
Law FirmsSmall Businesses
Financial AdvisersDigital Marketing
online reputation management strategies

Online Reputation Management Strategies for Your Business

Several tactics are needed to manage your online reputation effectively. This requires keeping an eye on your online reputation, producing valuable content, fortifying your social media presence, and quickly responding to negative feedback. To manage your online presence successfully, you can also work with a reputation management business.

Monitor Your Online Presence

It is essential to monitor your online presence and current reputation regularly. This includes keeping track of instances where your brand has been mentioned on social media, search engines, and other websites. By keeping track of what people are saying about your company, it is possible to stop negative comments from spreading.

Many online reputation management tools are available. For instance, Google alerts, which is a free online reputation management software, that notifies you whenever there is a negative search about you or your brand.

Encourage Positive Reviews

Building and maintaining a positive online image can be facilitated by What is Online Reputation Management positive online reviews. On your website, social media pages, and other online platforms, invite happy customers to leave reviews. Responding to reviews from customers can demonstrate that you value their opinions and are dedicated to giving them top-notch service.

Online Review Management 

Your brand’s reputation can be lessened by responding to criticism in a timely and expert manner through an effective online review management system. Responding to harsh customer reviews can help you satisfy unhappy customers. 

Create High-Quality Content

High-quality content creation can position your brand as a thought leader in your sector by generating blog posts, videos, and infographics. This may also assist in What is Online Reputation Management lowering the visibility of damaging content for prospective customers in search engine results.

Engage with Your Audience

Building trust and establishing a strong online presence can both be facilitated by engaging with your audience on social media and other online platforms. Participating in online discussions, answering comments, and sharing user-generated content can all demonstrate to your audience that you value their opinions and are actively listening to them.

Influencer Marketing

Partnering with thought leaders or influencers in your industry can help increase the credibility and recognition of your brand. You can reach new audiences and gain the trust of potential customers by collaborating with influencers marketing who have a sizable online following.

Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Negative content can be pushed down in search results so that it is less visible to potential customers by optimizing your website and online content for search engines. Using relevant search terms, producing high-quality content, and optimizing your website’s metadata are all part of this process.

Monitor Your Competitors

You can avoid any potential negative content or bad experience by monitoring your competitors’ online activity. This entails keeping an eye on their social media activity, client testimonials, What is Online Reputation Management and search engine outcomes.

Address Legal Issues

It’s important to take legal action if necessary if you come across false or defamatory content online. This could entail getting in touch with the website’s owner or submitting a formal legal complaint to have the content taken down.

Be Transparent

Building trust and credibility with your audience requires transparency. Being open and honest about your company’s procedures, rules, and values can enhance your online standing and shield you from potentially damaging comments and reviews.

Monitor and Improve Your Online Customer Service

Good customer service can stop bad reviews from happening and encourage good ones. Customer loyalty and trust can be increased by keeping track of and promptly What is Online Reputation Management responding to customer reviews, questions, and complaints.

Create a Crisis Management Plan

Your brand’s reputation can be protected by having a plan in place to handle potential crises, like bad press or a data breach. This entails determining potential hazards, creating a plan of action, and educating staff on how to respond.

ORM and Social Media Marketing 

Online reputation management now cannot be done without social media. Social media content is one of the most effective platforms for today’s consumers to voice their opinions about a brand. Therefore, ORM must incorporate social media marketing and management.

It’s imperative to stay active on social media and interact with your followers. Customers’ trust and loyalty can be increased by promptly and professionally responding to their What is Online Reputation Management comments and messages on your social media profiles.

Additionally, it’s critical to keep an eye out for and promptly respond to any negative comments or reviews on your social media platforms. It is better to use tools for social media mentions  

Mention, BrandWatch, Sprout Social, and BuzzSumo are just a few of the tools you can use to manage your social media accounts. These tools can help you keep track of online mentions, hashtags, and tags related to your brand on various social media platforms. You can also use sentiment analysis functionality to determine how people feel about your brand generally on social media.

You can respond to any negative comments about your brand quickly and effectively by monitoring social media conversations about it. You can stop any further harm to the reputation of your brand by directing these people to the appropriate internal resources to address their problems.

Additionally, social media marketing can help spread uplifting content and enhance the perception of your brand. You can develop a powerful online presence and earn the trust of your audience by producing interesting and pertinent content for your social media channels.

In general, social media management and marketing are essential elements of online reputation management. You can proactively monitor and address any potentially damaging content on your social media channels, promote a positive image for your brand, and manage your social media channels effectively.

Brand’s Image with Online Reputation Management

Your personal reputation and your brand’s image are closely related. You can position your brand as a thought leader in your market, gain the trust of your target market, and bring in new business by managing your online presence skillfully. Maintaining a positive online presence is crucial because it can affect your brand’s credibility and authority.

Many online reputation management companies are providing service to help brands and individuals boosts their credibility. If you are looking for a reliable ORM company, you visit Saverepute to manage your brand’s visibility. 


Maintaining a positive online presence and building your brand’s credibility and authority requires effective management of your online reputation. You can effectively manage your online reputation by keeping an eye on it, producing valuable content, and developing a strong social media presence.

Remember that managing your online reputation effectively requires time and resources because it can have an impact on both your personal and professional life.

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